Since April 13, 1967 I have wanted to thank a lady (nurse or doctor) who overrode the rest of the trauma room in an aid station in the tri-border area of Vietnam at the 25th Division and "wasted the blood" to save my life.

334th armed helicopter cocaptmike and his gunship

A light fire team of two armed helicopters attacked between a battalion and a regiment of NVA regulars across the border in Cambodia. Since we were not supposed to be in that area disturbing the NVAs' Rest and Relaxation the Air Force was not able to help us destroy this huge enemy force. I was severely wounded on that date while operating as a door gunner on my UH-1C Armed Helicopter. My left arm was shattered, a bullet pierced my left leg, shrapnel hit several other places and I bled to death. My crew chief, although wounded himself, bought me more time by holding my artery during the 15-minute flight back to Dau Teang (SP? tri-border area). Our ship was 40% destroyed and the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) was all the way in the red but the pilots kept flying in order to get me to the aid station. Huey helicopters do not fly well when damaged and when the engine is on fire but this one got me to the aid station. When we attempted to land the helicopter we really couldnít land properly because my side was destroyed so we actually hovered touching the ground while the medics loaded me on a stretcher. The violent wind from the rotor blades caused the medics to drop me off of the stretcher on my face on the ground. At that point I stopped breathing, they reloaded me onto the stretcher and brought me into the aid station. I could still hear, see peripherally and was aware of what was going on in the room but I could make no sign that I was present. A male voice said, "donít waste the blood on him" ÖIím thinking; waste the blood, waste the blood. A female voice says; bull shit! Cut him down, Iíll take his legs you do his arm. I felt much better when she took charge, but I soon became unconscious and was moved along the medical line never able to thank her for taking that stand.

For my combat action in Vietnam I was awarded two purple hearts, the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), Air Medal with "V" Device, Army Commendation Medal with "V" Device and several other combat medals including the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star. I am going to include a couple of the citations so that you can see for your self what I did as a kid over there. Since Vietnam I have had a great life and have even worked undercover as the central figure to stop the invasion of Dominica by the KKK and Neo-Nazis, (which was prior to Grenada). The fact that the US immediately released all information that we gathered to the Prime Minister and cooperated with their investigation certainly helped set the stage for further trust and cooperation. That Prime Minister was Eugenia Charles who stood next to President Regan when they announced the liberation of Grenada. My boat and I also worked with ATF on an automatic weapons seizure and the FBI on crude oil theft. The Manana and I do Coast Guard Auxiliary tasks such as Helicopter training operations, search and rescue operations, Marine Law Enforcement training platform And have received several awards and medals for this work.

Please check my web site, This will let you see what I do with my vessel Manana. We start an archeological expedition in September or November, which I will send you information on as it develops and as the people in charge allow.

I am not trying to make this about me, rather, I want simply to speak to this lady who literally had my life in her heart and hands and acted to help me even though it looked like it might be a waste of time and blood. I have tried not to waste my life and have accomplished a few good things. I can really identify with "Private Ryan" in the movie as he stood over the captainsí grave and tried to reconcile his feelings for being saved. I want to share my feelings to this lady while we are both still alive.

If anyone might be interested in helping me find and thank this lady for her role in saving my life. please help me find her so I can thank her and let her know that we have affected Western Hemisphere politics for the better (Dominica and Granada), among other good things.

All of the above statements are true and I have some pictures and video and a lot more information available. In April and May the New York Times, LA Times, Toronto and other Canadian newspapers, a portion of a documentary in several languages by Information Films of Toronto about Mercenaries produced later in 1981. I have many interviews on video because this was a fairly interesting operation.

Best Regards,

Mike Howell


Enclosures: DFC, Air Medal with "V" Device



..DFC (The enemy was shooting at us when we were 500 feet off of the ground lighting their position with 7 C-130 landing lights in an array)...

My favorite award because we destroyed an enemy mortar position after they mortared our position on the landing strip. We took off under fire and killed their position... Air Medal with "V" device