For twenty seven years captmike has been training with the Coast Guard, teaching the public safe boating courses, learning by taking specialty courses and performing search and rescue for boaters all over the Gulf of Mexico. The United States Coast Guard has given him wonderful experiences and training as an Auxiliary member. It is hard to describe the fantastic feelings that he gets when he helps or saves someone in trouble at sea. He is a member of flotilla 43, division 4 of the 8th district.




Auxiliary Vessel Manana under orders in Isla Mujeres Mexico



Manana in Isla Mujeres, Mexico under Coast Guard orders for the Regatta Del Sol


Manana participating in towing drills with USCG Station New Orleans

...We do Coast Guard helicopter training...


...Coast Guard rescue swimmer training...


One of the most rewarding things that is help these extraordinarly brave aircrews train by using Manana as a platform. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we can assist in real life to evacuate an injured or critically ill boater from the water.


Manana is being used for marine law enforcement training but it is not actually involved in law enforcement itself


one person cuffed on the floor and the search goes on


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